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“Healing does not mean curing.  While it may not be possible for us to cure ourselves or to find someone who can, it is always possible for us to heal ourselves.  Healing implies the possibility for us to relate differently to illness, disability, even death, as we learn to see with eyes of wholeness.  Healing is coming to terms with things as they are.” 


Jon Kabat-Zinn



Pathfinder programme

Discover your personal path to inner peace and joy

Offering confidential, practical spiritual healing and tools for you, during times of personal challenge, loss, change and uncertainty.

Suitable for

  • For consultants, managers, leaders, independent business owners who are spiritually aware and look to deepen and rediscover their sense of self, and connection

  • Facing death (self or other), loss (bereavement, identity through career/role) or uncertainty, lack of control, and want to feel more resilient and resourceful – for life!

  • Suitable for both men and women who perhaps have some spiritual awareness – or are aware of their personal energy flows, who feel disconnected and require guidance to get back on their path and re-discover their sense of self


What to expect

  • Not cognitive – cannot be worked out in your head alone – need to get into your body

  • Not goal driven – this is about your personal discovery and it’s a lifetime of work to deepen your connection and get to know and trust your ability to respond to the circumstances of your life

  • Activities and homework are part of the programme – you choose what to do when you want to do it

Wellbeing Wisdom - 1-1 sessions, as many as you need from £45

Creative Silence

Access your powerful inner guidance

Self-care for the Spirit

Reconnect and clear your heart chakra

Living and Laughing

Happiness, wherever you are

Energy and Me

Harnessing your personal energy to protect your Sacred Space

Spiritual Development from £65 - £840


Your Path to Inner Peace and Joy!  Are you sensing openness, a pull towards a spiritual path?  Do you find it difficult to calm the mind and access your intuition?  Are you fascinated by chakra and crystal energies, and want to explore this?  Explore sessions can help you gain insight and perspective on a specific issue; show you techniques and tools to help give you feel more resilient.  Further sessions can lead to...


Your Path to Inner Peace and Joy!  Highly recommended for times of personal crisis and change, you may wish to enter this in-depth healing programme to empower you to re-discover and re-connect to your strength, hope and joy.   You choose your focus;  ResilientMe, Loving Me, MindfulMe, RealMe.  6-month intensive spiritual development programme including mandatory healing sessions, resources and support.


“As part of finding my way through a painful, life changing year, I am strengthened, inspired and guided by my Pathfinder sessions with Janice."


“I arrived (for my Pathfinder session) feeling lost, confused and frustrated ... through your wisdom and insight I feel I’ve been able to unravel my thoughts and reactions so I feel clearer and focused, and able to trust in myself and my journey again.”


Holistic therapies 

Healing at home

Healing at home from £45


Angelic Reiki

Crystal Healing

Chakra Balancing

Energy Clearing


“I would encourage anyone to have a Reiki session with Janice. The sessions have helped me with forgiveness, stress and letting go, and has given me new insight I would not have considered before.”


“Wonderful experience. Felt calm, relaxed and in safe hands. Thank you so much.”


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