“When you only see what we produce or how we perform, we disengage and turn away from the very things that the world needs from us: our talent, our ideas, and our passion.” 


Brene Brown




“I discovered Reiki Healing when I was having chemotherapy previously for primary breast cancer.  I was really taken with Reiki, and it actually helped me pinpoint my first secondary tumour, and give me the courage to keep pushing for a scan there.  When I finished and recovered from my primary treatments, and was looking for a way to manage my new secondary diagnosis, I felt a little lost at sea.  It was at this time I found myself being drawn into looking at chakras, body energies and crystals. A friend put me in touch with Janice, which was perfect timing.  She has helped me on my path, from finding coping strategies to stressful situations like travelling to and from London for clinical trials.  Methods for balancing day to day family life with fatigue, to emotional well being (that last one is a big one).  She has helped me understand that I need to allow myself to feel sad sometimes, to acknowledge that, and have faith in myself that I can pull myself out of that sorrow.  Janice has given me many more tools for my Wonder Woman belt, which I utilise all the time.  One of my favourites is shaking off negativity (a crappy day) by dancing like a loon singing and shaking bells, especially when the boys join in!  I highly recommend her.”

Emma, Warwickshire

“I’ve had three Reiki sessions with Janice ... very relaxing atmosphere and experience.” 


Fiona Molloy, Warwick

“Over the last month I’ve had three Reiki sessions with Janice and they have been fabulous.  Very restorative, calming and a positive experience.  Thank you Janice.  I highly recommend Janice to help you restore your balance."

Fiona, Warwickshire


“As part of finding my way through a painful life changing year, I am strengthened inspired and guided by my Pathfinder sessions with Janice.  The sessions feel skilful and intuitive – it feels like I have as much input as Janice to the direction.  She provides the boundaries to hold me and facilitates the realisation of some deep and long held patterns that no longer serve me.  Her gentleness, strength and courage to keep me focused means I get maximum benefit from each session.  I highly recommend Pu-Tai Wellbeing to anyone wanting to breakthrough to a more fulfilled life.” 

Caroline, Warwickshire

“After years of juggling the demands of running several businesses, and a hectic family life I found myself in a position of feeling ‘lost’ and confused about who I was, what I really should be doing and exhausted from the constant pushing and controlling I’d spent my whole life doing in order to get to where I felt I wanted/needed to be. My connection to joy and happiness had been worn down by my long working hours and I felt overwhelmed making even the smallest of decisions in my life. I felt paralysed to move forward and I started to question everything!  From who I was and what I was actually supposed to be doing here with my life!

I met Janice through a chance meeting at a local networking group. I instantly felt I wanted to open up to her and be honest about where I was in my life and how I was feeling and she suggested Reiki and Pathfinder course. We chose the Resilient Me which seemed the most fitting for where I was at that time. After Janice explained the process how it would work and what was involved I only felt a complete sense of relief and excitement to get started.  I no longer wanted to feel this way and really needed help to discover what had led me to feel so disconnected from my life. I was 100% committed to this journey and felt ready to start exploring my past present and future beliefs about me and my life that would help me to work through my fears and issues.

For someone who is constantly trying to control every aspect of their life, the free flow nature of the programme felt scary, and I felt out of my depth instantly! But Janice reassured me and through her brilliantly supportive coaching style I was learning from the very outset of starting the course. Just taking myself out of my usual comfort zone of planned, precise, perfection made me realise how tightly wound I was and how I’d come to feel so uptight and anxious about just about everything!

My first session was perhaps the hardest of all the sessions. Just preparing the homework for the session made me feel so emotional thinking of my past and when I met with Janice for that first session I think I cried the whole time we were together. I hadn’t realised just how much emotion, anger, frustration was held within me connected to my childhood, and earlier years of my life.
When I left my first pathfinder session I honestly could not believe how instantly relieved I felt! Although I knew there was still a long journey ahead, just having someone help me to make sense of why I think, feel and act the way I do was so uplifting. And that was the catalyst for me to begin to change and challenge so many of my old ingrained habits for my Thoughts and actions, which have led me to having significantly changed so many aspects of my life and the way I think that have impacted greatly on helping me re-discover the joy of my inner child, find peace on old self doubting beliefs, and discover a feeling of trust that has helped me to start releasing my old controlling ways. Life feels an effortless happier journey and I’m only half way through my pathfinder course!! I’m filled with excitement to see how much more I can discover and grow on this journey...”

Kate Swinson, Director, MEvME 

Energy and Me, Workshop

“I’m sitting here reflecting on our great session – it was exactly what I needed to focus on right now.  The silent creative work was very revealing for me.  Also the mind map – I’m going to re-create it for my room.”

Caroline, Warwickshire

“I just wanted to say how much enjoyed today’s session.  I left feeling really uplifted and energised.  It has come at the perfect time in my well-being journey.”

Rebecca, Warwickshire

Laughter Yoga

“Simple but effective! Certainly brings a new meaning to mindfulness! So infectious too.  I was sceptical at first but what a great way to let go!”


Helena Derriscott

“Thank you Pu-Tai Wellbeing and Jan for the most incredible and amazingly joyous evening at our 2Share group in Kenilworth.  You are so friendly, kind and a breath of fresh air.  What a wonderful spirit you are.  We are looking forward to seeing you again.”

Pennie Sandell

“What a great fun night Fillongley Lite WI has last night! Our ladies comments were all positive, your session lifted the mood of the group, I wonder how any have laughed in the mirror this morning?! Thanks.”


Ellie Lyons-White

“Never laughed so much in all my life! Janice kindly offered her services to Coventry and Warwickshire Mind Family Fun Day for free.  She brought such a fun vibe to the day and her laughter was contagious! Thank you Janice. 

Kelly-Anne, Mums in Mind

Amazing! Really helps to lose yourself and not take things too seriously! You must give it a try!


Lorie-Lanie Shanks

“Really enjoyed the Laughter Yoga and the Happy Cafe in Warwick!  Janice is so welcoming and HAPPY!”

Jenny Stockbridge

“Our speaker this month was Janice, telling us all about ‘The Power of Laughter’.  She explained to us how to feel good about yourself using laughter as a tool to relieve anxiety, lower blood pressure, cope with stressful situations and just to relax with it.  We all took some controlled deep breaths, relaxed our shoulders and the fun began!  With a Ha Ha Ha, He He He and a Ho Ho Ho’, we were clapping, smiling and laughing so loudly in that room I imagine anyone walking by would wonder what was going on in there.  Janice really got us feeling good about ourselves which is the idea of laughing yoga.  She explained that doing this in front of a mirror on a daily basis, when you are cleaning your teeth, putting your face cream on, not only will you look beautiful but you will feel beautiful inside.  After all, they say laughter is the best medicine don’t they?!  Try it and see!”

Hillmorton W.I.

“What an absolute hoot!! Tonight’s laughter yoga was absolutely top notch! Jan from Pu-Tai Wellbeing even managed to get us all on the blanket for a mass belly laugh!!! We weren’t sure at first but you certainly got us chuckling, sniggering, chortling, clucking and belly laughing too! A great night.”


Newbold Pacey & Ashorne W.I.

“Really good fun class.  A bit awkward at the beginning but Janice’s laughter is contagious and helped to let go of any embarrassment.  I felt re-energized at the end of the class.”

Patricia Gloria