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“When you only see what we produce or how we perform, we disengage and turn away from the very things that the world needs from us: our talent, our ideas, and our passion.” 


Brene Brown



Energy at work

Practical, earthy, energetic wisdom for balancing energy at work. Resilient healing in the workplace during times of change, challenge and uncertainty.

Suitable for

For consultants, managers, leaders, independent business owners who are spiritually aware and look to deepen and rediscover their sense of self and connection.


What to expect

  • Guidance, resources facilitated discussion and energetic instruction to help your people feel more resilient and resourceful during times of challenge, change and uncertainty

  • Interactive, challenging sessions on energy, personal resilience, empathy, unmasking, vulnerability and loneliness at work.


Packages & timescales 

  • Copper: £350.00 (Workshop)

  • Silver: £850.00 (1 day) Earth Surface

  • Iron: £1,200 (0.5 day over 3 months) Dig Deeper




Changing Perspectives,

It’s OK to be Me

Authentic Connection

Personal Evolution

Medicine Walk

Laughing for Creativity


Guidance & signposting 

Tools & resources




 Getting to the heart of the matter:

Managing Pressure

Energy Alchemy

Resilient Roots

The Only Way is Change


Group and/or one-to-one coaching.

£350 (workshop)


Discovery sessions:

  • Changing Perspectives

  • "It’s OK to be Me"

  • Authentic Connection

  • Personal Evolution 

  • Medicine Walk 

  • Laughing for Creativity


Guidance and signposting, tools and resources, inspiration, rejuvenation, are the aims of the Silver package.

£850.00 (1 full day)

  • All day on-site – combine with your neighbour to share costs

  • A blend of ‘drop-in’ life advice, and 30 minute ‘toolbox talks’ available to your people from 10am – 6pm. Also can be made suitable for shift workers (out of hours prices) and online availability for Field & Sales Staff

  • 30 minute toolbox talks: Pedal-Metal (Stress), Breathing Mindfully, Resource-Full, The Power of Laughter, Drying Your Feet – the Art of Self-Care, Care to Connect (coping with caring for others)

  • Choice of 2 or 3  toolbox talks throughout the day, + drop-ins, + 1:1 appointments + holistic tasters

  • At the end, a high level breakdown of issues of most concern to your people (anonymous)


Getting to the heart of the matter. 

£1,200 per Workshop Title . Each Workshop Title is made up of a series of 3 sessions (£400 per session). 

  • Iron: Qualities: Earth’s core. High temperatures. Molten, liquid, flowing, not resisting.

  • A range of Workshops, choice of title.  A series is 3 sessions.  All titles are delivered over 3 sessions.  Focus is on guiding, facilitating and supporting energetic integration of knowledge into the daily grind.

  • One session out of each series title will take place outdoors

  • Each session is 90 minutes, healing therapies 60 minutes.

  • On-site 2.5 hours each day once a month over 3 months.

  • 9am – 2.30pm / 12 – 5.30pm / 4pm – 9pm

  • Each series title comes with 3 hours of healing therapies for your people, e.g. 15 minute Reiki tasters

  • Max 12 per workshop


Practical, earthy, energetic wisdom series titles:

  • Managing Pressure – Past, Present & Future

  • Energy Alchemy – As Within, so Without Shake it All About

  • Resilient Roots – Getting to grips with a Resilient Reality

  • The Only Way is Change – Choosing, Consciously


Key points you need to know about these workshops 

  • Focus is on healing – in order to accept what is and move forward

  • Not static; includes movement, interaction, multi-sensory

  • Inspire and develop response-ability, enable responding rather than reacting

  • Not dependent on simple cognitive understanding – it’s about getting out of your head and into your body

  • Is about increasing awareness of trust – inner trust.  To reduce the need to look outside for answers, learning to trust your self

  • Applies a reasonably sophisticated spiritual approach


These workshops are unsuitable for:

  • A tick box exercise

  • Employers without a basic Employee Assistance Programme

  • Leaders/Managers who do not have a holistic mind-set towards their own, or others’ wellbeing; are uncomfortable with words like ‘spiritual’ ‘energy’ ‘connection’ ‘healing’ or do not undertake personal self-reflection.

  • The above is for general guidance only. To discuss any of these points please contact for a chat.

  • Key notes:  Drug addiction, financial matters, probate, universal credit, rent/housing, ongoing mediation/disputes are not covered in this workshop range – hence the need to engage with employers who actively promote and encourage use of e.g. an Employee Assistance Programme, for signposting

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